28 Year wait for heartwarming moment between woman and her paramedic saviour

Young woman and her family share an emotional reunion with the paramedic who saved her life after she went into cardiac arrest at just eight-weeks-old

  • Heartwarming moment between woman and retired parademic
  •  28 years ago paramedic  Les Parker saved baby Lara Hibbard  
  •  Lara had gone into cardiac arrest at just eight-weeks-old

A young woman and the man who saved her life have shared a heartwarming moment 28 years in the making.

At just eight-weeks-old, Lara Hibbard went into cardiac arrest at her family’s home near Lake Macquarie south of Newcastle in New South Wales, in 1995.

Paramedic Les Parker rushed to the scene and took over CPR efforts from neighbours as Lara’s parents helplessly watched on.

Lara survived and recently, she and her family were reunited with the man they hail as a hero.

This heartwarming reunion between Lara Hibbard  and Les Parkers was 28 years in the making

Her paremts will never forget what happened that night.

‘I was cooking dinner and my husband came in holding this little baby that was grey and limp,’ her mum Deb told Nine News. 

They raced to get help from neighbours after calling triple-0. 

‘Belinda (one of the neighbours) and I just took that deep breathe and went “oh someone’s here”,’ neighbour Coral Hill recalled.

Now rerired, Mr Parker also vividly remembers the moment he arrived to help baby Lara.

‘Lara could fit in both of my hands, we tried to do the job but being so small that is the hardest thing,’ Mr Parker said.

‘I put her on the stretcher that’s almost six foot, and she wasn’t as big as the pillow.’ 

Lara Hibbard (right) had gone into cardiac arrest as a baby when Les Parker (left) saved her life

Lara Hibbard (right) had gone into cardiac arrest as a baby when Les Parker (left) saved her life

Mr Parker has been a household legend within the Hibbard family for 28 years, only they didn’t have a name for him until Lara’s mother took a shot in the dark in a Facebook post that lead them to their daughter’s saviour.

Lara was brought back to life and has reached accomplished numerous achievements in the 28 years since.

Lara is now an ICU nurse while her brothers are paramedics.

‘Thank you Les, Thank you for saving me,’ Lara said.