35-year-old woman searching for true love changes name twice, remains single

How far would you go for a shot of love? Or rather – how much would you change yourself in order to finally have a chance at love?

A 35-year-old woman yearning for love recently told her tale of looking for a partner on Facebook page XUAN Play, that she felt a change of name would help improve her love life.

The woman, Chen Jingyi, said that she felt her name “was not lucky enough”, detailing how dating for her was “ruthless” and still remains a challenge, especially at 35.

“I am 35 years old, but still single, and have not experienced a true relationship.

“People who like me seem to be more cunning and dare not confess to me, while the people I like are always not interested in me. This bothers me very much,” she said.

Feeling as though she needed a shift in her dating life, she decided to change her name in Chinese characters – from Chen Jingyi (陈静仪) to Chen Jingyi (了陈静怡).

But the name change was in vain as she still did not “meet the one” and was sadly back to square one being single.

But Jingyi did not give up and decided again to change the Chinese characters in her name to a softer, more approachable feel from Chen Jingyi (了陈静怡) to Chen Jingyi (陈静怡) but her attempt failed once more.

“I still spent weekend after weekend alone,” Jingyi lamented in her post.

The 35-year-old got to work and researched online for testimonies from those who had success in their love lives after changing their names and she found mixed reviews from many who “found love” and those whose situation remained the same.

“I am not sure whether to keep changing my name or accept my destiny. Now I’m still single and my name has been changed,” she reflected.

At the end of her post, Jingyi concluded that she should probably stop changing herself to find love and learn to accept herself but she still could not help but feel “anxious and helpless” about her issue.

“Maybe true love will wait for me in the next name, maybe changing my name is just a matter of faith.

“Anyway, I will keep going and hope that one day my love will come,” she said.