A life changing win

A lucky winner from Sarawak has just won Magnum 4D Jackpot amounting RM9.38 million on 19 July 2022. A regular Magnum customer since 1998, the 45-years old lorry driver has always felt the luck and charisma with Magnum. The lucky winner played the 4D Jackpot by purchasing a System-3 ticket. The winning numbers 6905 (First Prize) and 4312 (First Prize) which won him RM9,389,629.00 were inspired by his favorite numbers.

The lucky winner said that he had several good winning experiences with Magnum 4D in the past, but this time is the most prosperous winning experience in his life. He had consistently purchased his numbers without fail for many years.

“I like buying Magnum 4D Jackpot because it is straightforward and easy to understand. On that day (19 July 2022), I am using MyMagnum App to check my result and realized that those numbers were my lucky numbers that I have always been purchasing. It will not go wrong, as I have been buying my numbers for so many years. I looked at the results many times to confirm that I won the lottery.” said the lucky winner.

“Finally, I decided to contact Magnum Careline for confirmation and verify the draw results on my winning. Only then, did I realize that I have become a multi-millionaire!” the winner said.

With an instant thrill as a winner, the lucky winner plans to celebrate his winning by giving some shares to his family, house renovation, and opening a saving account for his children for the future education funds. The winner was grateful for a game that had changed his life with hopes and happiness.