Abrupt suspension of MYAirline leaves passengers stranded and puzzled

IN case you haven’t heard already, MYAirline Sdn Bhd has made it official that it will be packing up and ceasing operations effective immediately from today.

But in doing so, they have unavoidably caught people off guard who had reservations with the airline, forcing them to scramble to find other means of returning home.

This is because a large number of travellers were left waiting for their next flights at the airport.

Additionally, passengers took to social media to express their frustration and confusion over the news, which had left them perplexed.

A user @puteriibalqiis, on Twitter, reported that after waiting at KLIA until 4.40 am for her luggage to be checked in, she arrived at the MYAirline counter at 5.40 am and saw no one.

To her surprise, she said that travellers were “left waiting like idiots.”

“My flight got cancelled, and I felt like crying,“ a netizen commented alongside a picture of a group of travellers swarming around a MYAirline counter at the airport.

“I’ve paid cash for a car and lodging reservations. @MyAirline My refund please, please, as soon as possible.” She wrote.

Another one of the passengers impacted, as reported by WeirdKaya, talked about how the shocking announcement had cut short her and her boyfriend’s planned romantic getaway.

She claimed that she and her companion had paid MYAirline slightly more than RM330 for a round-trip ticket to Sabah.

When her vacation was coming to an end, the owner of the car she had rented for the trip informed her that MYAirline had decided to cancel their trip.

“Therefore, I had to purchase tickets on AirAsia, which came to RM740 for each of us for a single return trip to Kuala Lumpur,“ she stated.

When questioned if she had attempted contacting MYAirline for a solution, the traveller replied that she had emailed them but had not heard back.

“I hope to at least be refunded the RM330 I spent booking the tickets because this incident has completely destroyed my mood for the rest of my trip,“ she asserted.