Aerospace odyssey

GET ready to explore the vast cosmos through an immersive and exhilarating experience, courtesy of the TRON Boot Camp. It is set to take you on an aerospace adventure aligned with the National Space Policy 2030.

In a thrilling announcement by Qreatif Lab Sdn Bhd, the TRON Boot Camp is unveiled, tailored for young minds aged 10 to 17, who are eager to unravel the mysteries of aerospace.

This one-of-a-kind boot camp has been meticulously designed by STEM and aerospace experts to captivate young learners and acquaint them with the marvels of space exploration and its potential benefits to humanity.

TRON Boot Camp offers an array of stimulating experiences, including simulation-based learning, rocket technology, rover manoeuvring, drone technology and even 3D printing.

As the programme reaches its conclusion, young participants, now affectionately called “TRONNERS,“ will proudly graduate from the programme with certificates at the prestigious Andromeda Base, nestled within the Genting SkyWorlds.

Nurturing young “angkasawan” talents emerges as a pivotal facet of the National Space Policy 2030. Backed by the expertise of STEM and aerospace professionals, TRON Boot Camp has been meticulously designed to ignite curiosity and encourage young minds to delve deeper into this captivating field.

Astronaut Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar the visionary founder of TRON Boot Camp, passionately looks forward to the prospect of mentoring these young individuals throughout the immersive three-day programme.

The pilot edition of TRON Boot Camp is scheduled for November, with a full-fledged programme slated for the following month.

A sustainable future for the programme is envisioned by Qreatif Lab, ensuring accessibility for both public and private institutions.

Furthermore, a grand plan is underway to introduce a “Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Space Camp” for young enthusiasts in 2025.

TRON Boot Camp is poised to become a vital cornerstone in nurturing our future space explorers and continually enhancing the programme for years to come.

The programme’s vision extends to neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, as shared by Qreatif Lab managing director and CEO, Zarina Mohamad.

She and Genting’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing Spencer Lee, expressed their enthusiasm for hosting the inaugural TRON Boot Camp graduation ceremony and associated aerospace activities at the theme park.

The programme will lead participants to explore captivating aspects of astronomy and space-related wonders at the Al-Falak Complex in Malacca.

Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi Malacca manager Yuszrin Qistina shared her delight at providing the venue for the first two days of the programme, including the grand opening ceremony.

This collaboration promises an extraordinary experience. TRON Boot Camp aspires to become the nation’s premiere space education programme, set to run throughout the year starting in 2024.