Allianz General launches truck warrior roadside assistance for goods-carrying vehicles

MOTORISTS insured by Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad will know about their Road Warrior 24/7 roadside assistance benefits which will be most appreciated when there’s a breakdown. Now, the same support is also available to operators of goods-carrying vehicles as a supplemental benefit.

Launched today, the Allianz Truck Warrior provides roadside assistance to Allianz Goods Carrying Vehicle (comprehensive) policyholders involved in accidents or breakdowns. It is the first coverage of its kind in Malaysia and has only been available since 2023 started.

With Allianz Truck Warrior, policyholders can request for roadside assistance services up to 3 times a year. The towing service will convey their vehicle up to 100 kms (roundtrip). Additionally, the Allianz support teams can provide on-site repair service for breakdowns and policyholders can receive flood relief allowance of up to RM5,000 per flood event.

The Truck Warrior benefit is available for an additional RM120 on top of the comprehensive motor insurance policy taken to cover the goods-carrying vehicle.

Horst Habbig, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz General, says that RM120 is a good deal as it would cost much more to tow a lorry when it breaks down. He explained that the average cost of towing a lorry, when it breaks down, is approximately RM800 and the cost increases based on distance.

“With Allianz Truck Warrior, we offer you a solution that solves all the haggling, waiting, negotiating at only RM120! No more waiting for a tow truck and risk having your productivity adversely affected by this as we will be there, on time when you need us.,” he said.

To qualify for the coverage, the vehicle has to fulfil certain criteria. These are that the goods carrying vehicle has to have an A and C permit with Comprehensive Cover; be up to 7.5 tons Gross Vehicle Weight (Berat Dengan Muat or BDM); and not be older than 20 years.

“Based on statistics from Insurance Services Malaysia Report, there are approximately 670,000 goods carrying vehicles which were insured in 2021. Therefore it only makes sense for us to extend our services to goods-carrying vehicle operators. For Allianz, the circle is now complete – we cover cars, motorcycle and goods carrying vehicles,” he said.