Allianz Road Rangers Rumble raises awareness on road assistance by testing contestant’s ‘wheel-power’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Allianz Road Rangers Rumble held a series of challenges in five locations across Malaysia, testing contestant’s speed at changing a real tyre in the fastest time possible while raising awareness on the importance of roadside assistance. The five qualifying rounds took place from September to October in the Klang Valley, Kuantan and Johor Bahru, while the Grand Finale took place in MyTOWN Shopping Centre on October 28.

Mohd. Radziman took home first place in an obstacle course featuring seven touchpoints which are based on the Allianz Road Rangers’ highest safety standards. Mohammad Farid came in second place while Leong Tian Loon took home third place.

The Allianz Road Rangers is insurer Allianz Malaysia Bhd’s roadside assistance service for comprehensive policyholders of their private car insurance. With a fleet of tow trucks that respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day, policyholders can rely on the Allianz Road Rangers for on-the-spot quick repairs or safe and reliable towing services, if needed.

“Typically, your worries are compounded when tow truck operators approach you aggressively with suggestions for workshops you’ve not heard of. With our Rangers, they will zip to your location and change your flat tyre at the scene so you can continue your day. If it requires towing, we’ll get it sent to a reliable workshop so you don’t have to break a sweat,” said Allianz deputy chief sales officer Sazali Rahman.

“Most of us don’t think of a smooth delivery of roadside assistance until we land on such a situation. The Allianz Road Rangers Rumble is our drive to increase awareness on the intricacies and challenges of breakdowns and accidents. The Allianz Road Rangers can be reached at 1800 22 5524 for comprehensive policyholders, any time, anywhere,” he added.