ARMYs concerned that Jimin’s merch might sell out

FOR those of you who are not aware, HYBE MERCH is currently releasing ‘artist-made collections’ designed by each member of BTS, which was first announced through Twitter on Dec 31, 2021. BTS’s Jin and RM have already had two extraordinary successful runs, with their merch gaining positive reactions from ARMYs, and selling out within minutes.

The most recent collection to be launched was Taehyung. As part of his artist-made collection, Taehyung designed a Mute Boston Bag and an art brooch set with various themes for ARMYs. As expected, that too sold out almost immediately, with some fans complaining that they could not even access the website where it was being sold.

ARMYs are now concerned if it would be possible for them to even get a chance to buy BTS member Jimin’s upcoming merch on sale when it drops on Jan 18, as it’s getting more difficult for ARMYs to purchase.

Fans are already theorising about what sort of merch would be released by Jimin. Some said it might include his signature accessories. One thing is for sure – no matter what the merch is, there is no doubt that it will sell out super-fast.

ARMYs who managed to purchase earlier merch are definitely considered to be the fortunate ones. Still, other fans can’t wait to try their luck on purchasing the merch once it goes on sale.