Around 13% of German companies use AI

MUNICH: Some 13 per cent of German companies are currently using artificial intelligence (AI), while around 9 per cent plan to do so, according to a survey by the ifo economic research institute, said German news agency (dpa).

In industry, every third company uses AI or plans to use it, while around 20 per cent of companies in the service and retail sectors and 15 per cent of construction companies do.

For about 40 per cent of companies in Germany, AI does not play any role at the moment. In the construction sector, this share is 60 per cent.

AI-based systems process large amounts of data with the help of algorithms in order to make decisions quickly with automated analysis.

In its economic survey in June, the ifo Institute asked around 9,000 companies on behalf of the Hanseatic Blockchain Institute whether they use AI, plan to use it, are discussing it or are not engaging with it at all. –Bernama