ATM machine spotted in mamak restaurant

Now customers have no excuses not to pay.

HAVE you ever felt that surge of panic when you realised you didn’t have sufficient cash on hand to pay for your meal?

Even with the handy existence of cashless transactions, one can still run into payment issues from connectivity issues.

But one restaurant has come up with an brilliant solution to further help ease customers with the payment process, by having an ATM machine installed in its premises.

The unusual discovery was posted by Khairi Zulfadhli on his X (Twitter) account after having spotted the ATM machine near the restaurant’s counter.

However, the location of this mamak restaurant was undisclosed by Khairi in his post.

The image shared also showed that the eatery accepts cashless payment methods as well.

Netizens praised the mamak restaurant for thinking ahead and making the payment process more convenient for their customers.

Some were even joked that customers in big groups now have “no excuse” not to pay their friends’ back if they lack cash on hand.

Not many eateries in Malaysia would think to set up an ATM machine in its premises.

However, there are restaurants that have introduced innovative ways to enhance their customers’ experiences such as robot waiters.

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