Aussie tourist told to leave Japan over disrespectful act on public transport: ‘It is unforgivable’

An Australian tourist has been told to ‘leave Japan at once’ after committing an unforgivable act on public transport.

Former sheep farmer turned travel blogger Turan William Salis was slammed online after sharing a video of himself boarding a women’s only train carriage.

The 20-year-old made a joke he was a carriage inspector, checking the space for any men violating the safe space.

But he also admitted he was taken back to see a female-only section in such a progressive society.

‘Japan was the last place I expected to be seeing strict male-female segregation in public,’ he said.

‘(It) reminds me of something I would see in a country with strict segregation rules,’ he added.

But people were quick to  condemn the 20-year-old for breaking the rules.

‘This is creepy,’ one woman wrote.

‘He not only went in but also acted like he was in a position of authority over them?? absolutely insane,’ one man said.

‘Why are you offended that women have their own space?,’ added a third. 

The women on the train appeared very uncomfortable with Turan’s presence – and the locals were equally displeased.

‘At this point this guy needs to go back to his country. He is not welcome in Japan,’ one said.

‘Leave my country now, we don’t want you,’ fired another.

A third said they hope police reprimand him for his actions or customs officials see the videos and don’t let him back in. 

He joked about inspecting the carriage for men

Turan labelled the use of women-only carriages as segregation before boarding one

Australians were quick to slam him over the disrespectful decision as well.

‘He is an attention seeking moron who has embarrassed his country… stop defending his douche baggery,’ one man said.

‘He can’t possibly understand why women need to be separated from males in a space with little to no egress when in motion, piece of sh*t,’ a woman said.

Others tried to defend him by explaining he doesn’t do well wit social cues.

‘He was on there for like ten seconds and has autism who cares,’ one man said.

‘He was making a joke – lighten up,’ added another. 

One Japanese man who posts videos under elcafejapones stitched the video to explain why hopping on the carriage was so insensitive.

The man, who no longer lives in Japan and describes himself as critical of the country, slammed the Australian.

He explained the carriages are a safe space for women and said a lot of creepy men live in Japan and try to take photos up the skirts of women, especially on crowded trains.

‘There has been a lot of physical harassment as well.. it has been a very serious issue,’ he said.

‘And now you dare to call it segregation, you don’t know anything about my country and you just go there and don’t have any intention to respect out culture or rules.’

But people from Japan were less than impressed with Turan's video

Many asked him to leave the country

But people from Japan were less than impressed with Turan’s video

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‘I can’t believe this behaviour. The world doesn’t revolve around you.’   

The former farmer has already made headlines since arriving in the conservative Asian country.

He was spoken to by police for walking around without a shirt on, which while isn’t illegal is frowned upon and is culturally insensitive.

He also petted dogs at a dog cafe despite signs asking for guests not to touch the animals and filmed performers despite being asked not to many times.

Tarun has admitted times have been tough in Japan – and said the country is very expensive and a lot different to what he had expected.

He even revealed he had slept rough in order to save money on the trip noting he usually didn’t do it too many night in a row.