Australia post issues stamps to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on throne

SYDNEY: Australia’s national postal service, Australia Post, has released two postage stamps to mark the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, as the nation commemorates her 70th year as Head of the Commonwealth, reported Xinhua.

The two stamps, unveiled to the public on Monday, depict portraits of Queen Elizabeth II from 1952, the year she rose to the throne, and 2019, highlighting her longevity as Head of the Commonwealth, which includes countries such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Australia Post Group Philatelic Manager Michael Zsolt said the latest additions form part of the service’s tradition of honouring Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II is the most featured person on Australian stamps, and the Australia Post was the first postal authority in the Commonwealth to produce a stamp for her birthday each year, Zsolt said.

The Australia Post had previously released stamps to celebrate the golden and diamond jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II, marking 50 and 60 years of her service.

While Queen Elizabeth II has very little involvement in the governance of Australia, she still plays a prominent cultural role in Australian life. Her image is also displayed on Australian coins and the five-dollar banknote.

The postage stamps and associated collectables are expected to go on sale from Tuesday.-Bernama