Millionaire looking for a ‘personal assistant’ has had 40,000 applications

An Australian millionaire who is searching for a ‘personal assistant’ to travel the world with him as he grows his online businesses has received a staggering 40,000 job applications. Matthew Lepre, who makes $120,000 a month from four successful e-commerce stores, wants to hire someone to oversee his companies while enjoying luxurious travel arrangements for … Read more

The secret website thousands of Australians use to get MASSIVE discounts off fast food 

Revealed: The secret website thousands of Australians use to get MASSIVE discounts off fast food An eagle-eyed shopper has drawn attention to a little-known website Thousands of Australians use Frugal Feeds to get huge discounts off fast foods The deals change each month – and the website lists their duration  Shoppers can get cut-price McDonald’s … Read more

Detective discovers surgeon STAGED the burglary he was investigating

A police officer who feels sorry for a surgeon after his family heirlooms were stolen discovers he staged a burglary and committed mortgage fraud worth over £1 million on 24 Hours In Police Custody.  In tonight’s episode of the channel 4 show, Bedfordshire police receive a 999 call from orthopaedic surgeon Anthony McGrath, 46, from St Albans. He … Read more

Woman serves as her twin sister’s surrogate after rare disorder left her unable to have kids

A kindhearted woman has served as a surrogate for her twin sister who was unable to have children as the result of a rare genetic disorder. When Whitney Bliesner, 34, from Portland, Oregon, was in eighth grade, she was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), which makes person susceptible to benign … Read more