Expert reveals nine ways to perfect your CV – and insists you should NEVER include a photo

A career expert has revealed several ways to ensure your CV grabs a future employer’s attention – and insists including a photograph is an absolute no no. ‘Candidates shouldn’t include a photo of themselves in their application as employers don’t want to be influenced by gender or a prospective employer’s looks,’ Andrew Hunter, co-founder of … Read more

Prince Harry has partnered with Oprah Winfrey on mental health documentary

The Duke of Sussex has today announced a partnership with Oprah Winfrey as co-creators and executive producers of a forthcoming mental health documentary series for Apple.  Prince Harry, 34, has previously spoken out about battling ‘numerous breakdowns’ while coming to terms with mother Diana’s death, and Oprah, 65, revealed that he jumped at the chance to get … Read more

Model ‘was left BLIND’ after her battle with Crohn’s disease

A professional model and dancer has today told how it took doctors seven years to diagnose her with Crohn’s disease. Natalie-Amber Freegard, of Swindon, began suffering symptoms of the agonising digestive condition when she was 17. Doctors repeatedly dismissed her stomach pains and extreme weight loss, which saw her plummet to just five stone, as … Read more

The scariest superbug on the CDC’s radar is sweeping the US with hundreds infected

The most worrying ‘superbug’ on the CDC’s radar has infected more than 600 Americans in recent years – and officials say the spread is picking up pace globally.   But hospitals are not obliged to inform patients if they have the infection, which is most commonly contracted in hospitals, according to an alarming new feature by … Read more

The world’s most expensive cookie is made by Duchess Cookies and costs $1,000

A New York-based baker is selling what might be the most expensive cookies in the world — for $1,000 each. Sofia Demetriou has been serving up gooey, mouth-watering cookies through her business Duchess Cookies for a year.  But while most customers snap up her desserts for $5.50 a pop, Demetriou also has a special made-to-order treat that’ll … Read more

World Health Organization pulls its support for controversial ‘planetary health diet’

The World Health Organization has backed out of sponsoring an event promoting a radical diet that drastically cuts back on meat. The UN body planned to support the launch event of the scientific group behind the controversial ‘planetary health diet’, dismissed as ‘nanny-state’ madness. Scientists say its adoption is vital to feed the world’s booming … Read more

Mother with severe form of PMT says it triggered marriage breakdown and suicidal thoughts

Mother with a severe form of PMT which left her feeling suicidal reveals how her marriage broke down because of her anger issues and she almost lost custody of her children Lisa Dale, from Merseyside, lost friendships due to anger and erratic behaviour Mum-of-three said symptoms began after she suffered a miscarriage in 2016 Written … Read more

Man, 74, is left with a bulging white mass coming out of his EYE after undergoing cataract surgery

It looks like something straight out of a sci-film. But this ‘gelatinous’ mass protruding from a man’s eye is not a special effect in the latest zombie movie. The unnamed 74-year-old was referred to a cancer clinic when a 10x10mm white lump formed where his right pupil should be. The mass appeared two years after … Read more