Biases towards cheap sugar purchase sparked social media outcry

PETALING JAYA: A customer that shopped at a supermarket in the Klang Valley was dissatisfied with how foreigners were treated over differently towards purchasing cheap sugar packets.

The customer that goes by their Facebook’s username @Narima Basir, then took her dissatisfaction to social media, prompting more discussion regarding the issue.

“They (the foreigners) just took bunch of cartons of sugar packets priced RM2.85 per packet into their carts.”

She then said that only premium sugar that priced at RM4.20 were available for her to purchase, until she confronted the store’s staff to inquire about the situation.

After the confrontation, the store’s staff then retrieved a carton of the less expensive sugar packets.

“You can take and give the cheaper sugar to a foreigner but to a local like me, you asked us to buy the expensive sugar packets?

“How can you do this?” she said in the video she posted at her Facebook on Oct 16.

Narima included the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) in her viral post, with the expectation of a prompt response and proactive measures taken against the supermarket operator.

Few others users also commented experiencing similar experiences with other items such as oil packets.