Bizarre moment kitty appears to be giving its dog pal a massage at a roadside in Vietnam 

Cat’s best friend? Bizarre moment kitty appears to be giving its dog pal a massage at a roadside in Vietnam

  • Sergenti cat massages dog’s chest on a roadside in Duc Co, Gia Lai, Vietnam 
  • The Labrador cross-breed made no complaints as he pressed his paws on him 
  • Eighty per cent of owners say the classic arch nemesis get on, a study has shown

This is the adorable moment a cat was filmed massaging its dog companion’s chest.

Footage shows the kitty pressing its speckled paws on to the dog who sits at ease on a back street in Duc Co, Gia Lai, Vietnam.

The chocolate-coloured Labrador cross-breed peers around as his mate prods his front with both paws in a repetitive movement.

A lucky dog was given a massage on his chest by his feline friend on a street in Duc Co, Gia Lai, Vietnam

He appears blissful and makes no move to suggest he wants the massaging to end.

The feline, who is sat on its back legs, then starts pushing the pup’s fur upwards to work into his tight knots.

Meanwhile the dog’s eyes begin to flicker shut as the cute kitty rubs across his chest and the top of his legs, in the clip from November 20.

A witness said: ‘The first time I’ve ever seen cats massaging and caring for dogs. It was so cute and gentle. Animal friendship is so noble.’

This comes just a year after a study which suggested cats and dogs get along fine. 

Their bonding comes after a study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior which showed cats and dogs get along fine

Despite the kitty's affection, the study revealed only six per cent of cats approached dogs for a game

The tender moment saw the speckled cat put pressure on the Labrador cross-breed’s chest on November20

More than 80 percent of pet owners said these classic arch enemies like each other.

Just three per cent said their pets couldn’t share the same room.

And surprisingly only six per cent of cats flashed toys to dogs in the new study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior.