BTS’ SUGA interviews his Agust D alter ego

BTS member SUGA recently sat down and did an interview with himself – or rather, his rap alter ego Agust D.

On Tuesday, Disney Plus Korea posted a special video ahead of the SUGA: Road to D-Day documentary, which will be aired on Disney+ on April 21.

In the video, SUGA sat across from a recorded version of himself as Agust D, and they began asking each other questions about music and life as a popular idol.

In one part of the interview clip, SUGA asked Agust D why his songs are straightforward and seem blunt.

Agust D replied: “I have always made music honestly, and I don’t think I try to make it more straightforward. I did what I have been doing, but personally, I think there is a little more I can say when I make my own music than for the team.

“I speak about my trauma or feelings that he had to overcome in my albums, and I think I feel more liberated by it, and feeling more liberated helps me grow a little more, and it will affect my next album or music a lot.”

SUGA also talked about his own music career and how it feels to live as an idol.

“There are a lot of songs by SUGA that are rated R. So, I don’t make music with that many boundaries in mind. But when I produce for other musicians as SUGA or produce their songs, I have no choice but to think about the results first.”

Watch the video of the interview below: