Burger stall scammed after ‘customer’ makes eight orders without paying

He mentioned that other eateries in the same area were victims of said scammer.

RECENTLY, a burger stall vendor shared how he got scammed by a customer who made several orders amounting to over RM40.

The viral TikTok video uploaded by @mohdazroyampang detailed that the scammer “has done this for some time to other food stalls in the area” and that he was their latest victim.

Weird Kaya reported that two customers, a woman in her 40s and a man in his 20s, stopped by his burger stall and initially ordered four burgers.

Then, Azroy’s wife handed them their order and told them that their total came up to RM48 but the woman decided to repeat her order.

After that, his wife said that their new total was RM96 and the woman “attempted” to pay through the stall’s QR code but claimed to have insufficient funds in her account so she had to “go home and grab some cash” to pay for the orders.

“After they left, my wife had a gut feeling something wasn’t right,” Azroy said, adding that his wife stopped him from making the second order.

They then left the stall with the first four burgers. Azroy and his wife waited for the customers to return with their payment but they were a no-show.

Azroy was however glad that his wife’s intuition saved his business from suffering a significant loss that day.

In his TikTok video, he then advised other business owners to watch out for the scammer since their “stomping ground” is around the Ampang area.

Netizens also shared their similar experiences of being conned, or almost conned presumably by the same scammers.

Others also pointed out that said scammer was allegedly spotted in other areas such as Banting and Sungai Buloh.