‘Can I File For Bankruptcy?’ — Man received water bill amounting to RM144K

RECENTLY, Malaysiatrend reported that a man from Pahang found out that his water bills amounted to a shocking total of RM144,625.

The netizen posted a snapshot of his Air Pahang water bill in a Facebook group, to which he jested, “Can I file for bankruptcy?”

Most probably a clerical issue with Air Pahang, the amount of water the user used the previous month clocked in at a paltry RM71.05.

The Malaysian man was quoted for the usage of 99,740m3 of water, equivalent to roughly 99,740,000.00 liters of water, or in terms of 1.5 liters of Coca-Cola bottles, that’s a total of 66,493,333 bottles!

Netizens, as usual, jumped onto the comments section to dish out their keen observations and humorously commented on him being the reason they are all out of water in their homes.