Caretaker and resident engage in playful boxing match

A cute interaction between a senior home caretaker and a resident has warmed netizens’ hearts.

When we look at the elderly, most of us do not go past their older age and not think what they would have been like when they were younger.

Posted on TikTok by @lamankhaira, a sporting caretaker had a “boxing match” with one of the male residents who was a former boxer in his younger days.

The “match” started off with a firm handshake and the opponents “testing” their reflexes before starting.

In the video, the older man reflexes were still sharp, predicting the caretaker’s moves and blocking them off.

In the middle of the match, both even had a “dance break” adding on to the fun and humoring the elderly resident. There was even a moment where the caretaker was slightly hurt but still went on with the match.

After the boxing match, both the older man and caretaker ended it with another handshake.

Netizens praised the caretaker’s efforts in keeping the senior citizens entertained and humoring them during their stay.

Some have even commended the old man’s reflexes and how one can “learn from him”.