Women with Type 2 diabetes before age of 40 have greatest risk of an early death

Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before turning 40 are ‘THREE TIMES as likely to die young from a heart attack or stroke’ Type 2 diabetes rates have soared in recent years with spiralling obesity levels Glasgow University researchers looked at around 2million people for the study Those diagnosed before 40 had the greatest risk … Read more

Couple work to rescue unwanted animals and prevent them from being euthanized

An inspirational husband and wife and their team work around-the-clock saving dogs with illnesses, deformities and broken bones while juggling full-time jobs.  Heather Hernandez, 32, co-founded pet adoption and rescue organization Mutt Misfits in 2017 in order to help unwanted animals in situations that could lead to harm or euthanasia. The Oklahoma-based family-and-friend-run group – which is run … Read more

Slug slime may may glue together wounds more securely with less scarring

Slug slime may be better than stitches: The natural ‘glue’ is stronger and leaves less scarring, study suggests Stitches and staples hold surgical incisions and injuries closed well, but the holes they put in the skin often leaves unsightly scarring  The punctures may also increase the risk of infection after surgery  Bandages and medical adhesives … Read more

Dogs can sniff out LUNG CANCER with 97% accuracy

Dogs REALLY CAN sniff out lung cancer with 97% accuracy as experts hope man’s best friend’s powerful sense of smell could pave the way for new tests to spot the disease earlier Scientists taught three Beagles how to sniff out lung cancer in blood samples  They identified which sample was from a lung cancer patient … Read more

Woman, 30, who went through the menopause aged 20 launches a desperate appeal to have her dream baby

A woman who went through the menopause aged 20 has launched a desperate crowdfunding appeal to have her dream baby. Jade Burns, 30, was devastated when she learned she’d be unable to conceive having been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF). She hadn’t suffered typical menopause symptoms, but was concerned that she had never had … Read more

Spicy food could offer hope in tackling cancer

Could spicy food offer hope in tackling cancer? Tests show compound that gives chili peppers their kick can slow down the progression of lung cancer Researchers based at Marshall University examined the effects of capsaicin  They discovered the compound stopped the first step of cancer metastasis Only one in ten patients is still alive five … Read more

Mother, 31, reveals her rare condition made her dread releasing milk for her babies

A mother has revealed a rare condition known as ‘breastfeeding dysphoria’ caused her to feel intense dread every time she released milk.  Deena Todd, from, Yeovil, Somerset, had overwhelming feelings of homesickness and anxiety which left her in tears every time she breastfed.  It led the 31-year-old to even regret having her daughter, Isla, who … Read more