Warning as two raging bushfires burning on Sydney’s fringe force threaten to form one super blaze

 A thick blanket of dangerous smoke is choking Sydney as raging bushfires burn on the city’s fringe. Two uncontainable fires are even threatening to combine into one ‘super blaze’ by late this evening. Drivers are now being warned to avoid the roads as the clouds of smoke make conditions treacherous to motorists, with some buildings … Read more

Barack and Michelle Obama are busting out the champagne on a mega-estate on Martha’s Vineyard

The Obama’s are likely celebrating as they have closed the deal on a massive seven-bedroom mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. The former President and First Lady received the keys to their new mega-home which occupies 29 acres of beachfront property. The couple have been eyeing up the property since staying there last summer after it was … Read more

CIA reveals the identity of a FOURTH spy who betrayed America during Cold War 

The identity of a fourth spy who passed on US atomic bomb secrets to the Soviet Union during the 1940s has been unveiled in a new article published by the CIA’s in-house journal.   The article’s authors have named the American traitor as electrical engineer Oscar Seborer, following their examination of recently declassified FBI documents and … Read more

Relationship experts reveal what REALLY counts as cheating in the modern dating world

They’re not an illicit bedroom romp, but watching porn, direct messaging and liking Instagram photos all amount to cheating in the eyes of many modern daters.  Social media has spawned the age of ‘micro-cheating’, which involves actions that aren’t necessarily sexual, but can easily derail otherwise stable romances. Pornography is another divisive issue in modern … Read more

Female vaper, 49, suffers an incurable lung disease found in metal factory workers

A vaper has been diagnosed with an incurable form of lung scarring typically found in metal factory workers. Doctors say the rare disease was likely caused by fumes from the heating coils used in the 49-year-old’s device.  It is the first time hard-metal pneumoconiosis has been linked to vaping. But medics from the University of … Read more

Femail investigation reveals the terrifying sex trend being forced on young women

When 24-year-old Karyna* met her new boyfriend on a dating website, she thought he could offer her everything she was looking for in a relationship. Well-spoken, well-educated, with two degrees and a career in web design, 28-year-old Ben* was sweet and attentive, sending her good morning texts and planning romantic dates. So Karyna, a graphic … Read more

Man fleeing from leopard is just one image to make it onto AFP’s best photos of 2019 list 

From an emotional Theresa May announcing her resignation as Prime Minister to devastating damage caused by Storm Dorian in the Bahamas and haunting images of the civil war in Syria, AFP has published a selection of its best and most poignant photos of the year.  The spectacular images capture the historic events that shaped 2019 … Read more

Caitlyn Jenner: ‘There’s no way Robert Kardashian didn’t know if OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown’

Caitlyn Jenner spoke about her involvement in the trial of OJ Simpson on Wednesday night’s edition of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Speaking to Kate Garraway and Jacqueline Jossa, Caitlyn revealed that she had seen Nicole Brown Simpson just two days before she was found dead, and that Robert Kardashian must have known … Read more