How diesel discounts are only just pipping petrol – despite a 20% slump in sales

Discounts on diesel cars are still only marginally higher than those for petrol models despite a drop in sales of more than a fifth in the wake of the ‘dieselgate’ scandal, latest data reveals. Analysis by ‘mystery shoppers’ at WhatCar? who haggled dealers down from the full list price found the average discount achievable off … Read more

Heart-stopping pictures show daredevils somersaulting on precipices and dangling from cranes

On the edge of death: Heart-stopping pictures show daredevils somersaulting on precipices and dangling from cranes without a harness This gallery of images includes a daredevil who dangled his feet over the side of a skyscraper in Times Square Another shows a newlywed bride hanging off the edge of a cliff in New Hampshire wearing … Read more

Forget adding blueberries to your porridge, now scientist say you should fork out for chokeberries

Forget blueberries or bananas in your porridge, add ‘chokeberries’ – scientists say the vitamin-packed, anti-ageing fruits are even healthier Chokeberries – also known as aronia berries – are high in antioxidants Their properties aren’t damaged when heated, unlike other fruits Scientists said this gives them great potential to be added to foods like porridge They … Read more

Snowboarder, 28, has her pelvis completely rebuilt after smashing into a tree at 55MPH

A snowboarder had to have her entire pelvis rebuilt after she smashed it when she hit a tree at 55mph. Amber English, from Missouri, needed a 12-hour operation after her devastating accident in March last year. She said doctors could find ‘no comparison’ for her injuries, which also triggered internal bleeding. Intense rehab for months … Read more

HISTORICAL  | Daily Mail Online

HISTORICAL By Elizabeth Buchan For The Daily Mail Published: 22:50 GMT, 4 April 2019 | Updated: 16:24 GMT, 5 April 2019 LUX by Elizabeth Cook ( Scribe, £16.99, 416 pp) LUX by Elizabeth Cook (Scribe, £16.99, 416 pp)  That King David creepily spied on Bathsheba and contrived to get rid of her husband is well known. … Read more

Insomnia is in our genes, scientists discover

Could a cure for insomnia be in our genes? Difficulty sleeping could be hereditary as scientists discover 47 sections of DNA that determine how easily we nod off Of these 47 genetic sites, 36 had never been identified in previous studies Sleep quality may be related to the release of the feel-good chemical serotonin Those … Read more

Spiral treetop walkway inside a 148ft tower opens in Denmark at Camp Adventure Climbing Park

Amazing spiral treetop walkway inside a 148ft-tall observation tower opens in a preserved forest in Denmark The tower has opened in the Camp Adventure Climbing Park, one hour south of Copenhagen The winding 650-metre-long (2,130ft) ramp includes looping pathways and bleacher seating It has 10 climbing courses that all vary in height and visitors can move … Read more

Mother, 34, reveals heartbreak of watching her two-year-old daughter die of ‘childhood dementia’ 

A mother has revealed the heartbreak of watching her two-year-old die of ‘childhood dementia’. Vicky Cunningham, 34, of West Lothian, Scotland, said her baby, Mirryn, was happy and healthy, despite being born premature. But at 10 months old, Ms Cunningham instinctively knew something wasn’t right when Mirryn stopped trying to hold her hand or rock … Read more