First-time buyers close the gap on home movers as the number jumps by nearly 6 per cent

Almost 2,000 more first-time buyers get on the property ladder each month, as they take advantage of cheaper homes, generous mortgages and stamp duty cut First-time buyer numbers jump by 5.8 per cent compared to last year July saw a year-high in the amount lent to people buying their first homes Fewer homeowners are remortgaging than … Read more

Couple to host New Year’s party after buying £4m flat overlooking Thames and London Eye 

Fancy hosting an exclusive New Year’s Eve rooftop party? Meet the couple planning just that after buying this luxury pad overlooking the London Eye MailOnline Property was given an exclusive tour of the luxury development at London’s Belvedere Gardens  There are 97 flats, but only 21 are still available to buy, with prices stretching to … Read more

McLaren’s GT is a 203mph supercar you can take to the golf club

I’ve been flying the flag on the continent behind the wheel of British supercar-maker McLaren’s powerful new long-legged and refined 203mph GT grand tourer. And before I even pressed the accelerator, I was bowled over by the gorgeous, aerodynamic lines that are elegantly sophisticated rather than shouty and beautiful rather than brash. Nevertheless with its … Read more

Online thread sees people calling out cities that have installed ‘anti-homeless architecture’

Design features intended to deter homeless people have been slammed in a thread detailing the most cruel examples of ‘hostile architecture’.  The origin of the term is unknown, but cities throughout the world show examples of the purposefully obstructive design features. However, some – like sloping benches or ‘artwork’ in wide doorways – are subtle … Read more

Woman creates hilarious ‘baby reveal’-style photo shoot with her dissertation

Forget gender reveals and back to school boards, one proud academic wanted to share the joyous news that she had finally produced her dissertation.  Florida-born, New York-based Dr Eve Humphrey was so tired of people asking her when she was going to have a baby while she completed her doctoral program at Florida State University. … Read more

Empowering Strength Marks campaign shares the stories behind women’s ‘stretchies’

Tiger stripes, stretchies, body lines – or whatever you want to call them – over 80 per cent of women have stretch marks, and a campaign wants to celebrate the marks. Strength Marks is an empowering platform set up to highlight the stories and experiences of women while showcasing their marks in a beautiful way.  … Read more

Woman, 36, will develop rare early-onset Alzheimer’s within the next decade

A 36-year-old who will develop dementia within the next decade has admitted she has ‘had to come to terms’ with the fact she ‘won’t have a family or a retirement’.  Laura Sides, from Norwich, underwent genetic testing two years ago that revealed she had the same mutated gene that caused her father’s dementia.    Fitness fan … Read more

Bibhu Mohapatra receives standing ovation for his exquisite spring 2020 collection

Bibhu Mohapatra‘s spring/summer 2020 runway show took place today at Spring Studios in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. There was not an empty seat in the house, with celebrities, editors and fashion industry influencers alike all in attendance to view the much anticipated collection of Bibhu’s namesake label. His exquisite offerings of day and evening wear earned … Read more

Man, 27, who suffers with OCD thinks he’s killed someone and so films his every moment

A British man, who has suffered with severe OCD since he was four-years-old, hasn’t left the house in a year as he thinks he’s killed someone. Liverpudlian Connor, whose surname hasn’t been revealed, films his every waking moment to make sure he hasn’t harmed anyone. Everyday, the 27-year-old suffers with distressing obsessions, otherwise known as intrusive … Read more