Charity Lee whose son Paris Bennett murdered her daughter Ella reveals he sexually assaulted her

A mother whose son murdered her 4-year-old daughter when he was 13 has revealed how he has admitted to sexually assaulting her before the gruesome attack, in shocking new detail. 

Charity Lee, from Abilene, Texas, was at her waitressing job on February 5, 2007, when police arrived to tell her her four-year-old daughter Ella was dead.

The child had been stabbed 17 times by her brother, Paris Bennett, who was 13 at the time.

Paris picked up the knife and attacked his half-sister as she slept in her bed after convincing their babysitter to go home. He then called 911 and admitted to the killing, later claiming he wanted to ‘punish’ his mother’.

And in Charity’s new memoir, ‘How Now, Butterfly?: A Memoir Of Murder, Survival, and Transformation’, which was relased on Tuesday, the heartbroken mother reveals how he later confessed to watching ‘hours of violent porn’, before sexually molesting his sister and stabbing her to death.

A newly released extract from a September 2010 diary entry, published by the New York Post, reveals how she confronted him after finding porn entries on their internet history, and hearing how there was semen found on the bed and on Ella’s body. 

It later emerged he murdered his sister to cover up the sexual abuse that took place that evening. 

 ‘He sexually abused her that night, and he admitted the more violent he became, the more excited he became, ending in death for her and climax for him,’ Charity wrote in the disturbing extract.

Another chilling entry from Charity, who has forgiven her son and regularly visits him, reads: ‘…his stabs were slow and methodical, not frenzied, not an uncontrollable rage. 

‘Not all were deep. Most were shallow jabs and punctures. He told the detectives he stabbed her and pulled the knife out slowly; that it felt like stabbing a mattress or a marshmallow.’ 

Charity, whose mother was charged but later aquitted of killing her father when she was six, also revealed that this formed part of the reason he didn’t complete his plan to kill his mother, as it was ‘harder than he thought to kill someone’. 

On the night of February 5, 2007, Paris, who has an IQ of 141, convinced his and Ella’s babysitter to go home.

Anything above 140 is considered genius.

He then went into his sister’s bedroom and attacked her. Afterwards, he called a school friend on the phone then he phoned 911.

His harrowing phone call to emergency workers is included in the trailer for the documentary.

‘I accidentally killed somebody,’ he wailed.

The operator responded: ‘You think you killed somebody?’

Paris, through sobs, cried back: ‘No I KNOW I did.

‘My sister…I feel so messed up.’

He was taken into custody before authorities alerted Charity to what had happened.

During his first confession he claimed he was angry with his mother,  after she  briefly relapsed into drug use years earlier after getting herself clean.

Charity overcame heroin addiction not long before she became pregnant with Paris. When she relapsed, it was with cocaine.

Paris is 26 now and remains behind bars in Texas where his mother, who has since had another son, visits him.

He was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment, the maximum for juvenile murder, in 2007.