Cheating husband tells wife he is learning how to cook chicken rice as excuse to see Thai mistress

CHEATING is one vice that everyone in relationships should avoid as it obviously causes pain not only when dating but in marriage, especially when children are involved.

A young wife shared on social media how her husband had made up an excuse of learning how to cook chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur, which was a cover-up for his affair with a woman from Thailand, China Press reported.

The unfortunate woman had discovered her cheating husband’s affair with the Thai woman in January last year and noticed how brazen he was about the affair, sharing pictures of them together on social media.

As he was deep into his affair with the Thai woman, the wife saw not only her marriage crumbling but her four children ignored by her husband, with him spending most of the time on his phone especially during significant occasions.

“He did not come back for his birthday on March 3 and was not there to see our daughter off on her first day of kindergarten and our son’s first day of elementary school,” she said.

Once her husband was caught cheating on her, he lacked any sort of remorse and outright told his wife that his mistress can cook and help him run his restaurant.

The unfaithful man also used an older argument against his wife claiming that he “cheated” because she told him “not to come back.”

It is noted that during said argument, the husband had taken out his anger toward one of his children and even hit his wife, causing her to kick him out of the house.

Later on, as the wife remains married to her husband, he then crafted an excuse to see his mistress and told his wife in December 2022 that he was going to learn how to cook chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur.

“When he was at Kuala Lumpur learning how to cook chicken rice, I tried contacting him several times but his phone was turned off the entire trip. I suspected that he was in Thailand going to see his mistress,” the wife recalled.

The wife added that her husband’s infidelity had caused her not to rely on him for any matters and to make things worse, her mother-in-law has been exercising her authority in her household, leading to several disputes.

Her mother-in-law even defended her husband’s behaviour retorting: “So what if my son cheated?”