Child cusses at young woman who refused to give him ‘duit raya’

POOR behavior in children is a common sight, with some crossing the line by causing incessant noise or disturbing strangers for attention. Therefore, it falls on the adults in their lives to teach them how to behave and respect others’ personal space.

Recently, a woman was displeased to encounter a young boy constantly harassing her in a restaurant while insulting her for not giving him ‘duit raya’.

“At first, the kids behind me yelled at me that one of them wanted duit raya. I just played dumb at the time.

“After that, these kids became even worse as time went by. They do not even know me and they asked for duit raya from me like a beggar,” the woman said in a video reposted from TikTok on to Twitter.

Dissatisfied for not getting the young woman to give him the duit raya, the mischievous young boy went over to her and then told her that a young man seated behind her “asked for her number”.

“When he went to the table behind me, he told the man that ‘I asked for his number’ instead. Is he daft or something? People here cannot eat comfortably since the boy is disturbing everyone around him,” she added.

Frustrated, the young child started yelling out profanities in the eatery, calling the young woman ‘babi’ and accusing her of eating non-halal food, which did not sit well with the poor young woman putting up with the boy’s mischief patiently.

“Eh, I am over here paying with my own money. He is nicely accusing me of eating non-halal food like as if he was paying for my meal. These kids are so rude,” she wrote in the video.

Not only that, the young boy’s antics go a step further and he goes to another table behind the woman and demands a cigarette from one of the young men seated.

Netizens shared their displeasure with the boy’s antics.

“To me, kids like these come from parents who lack manners. The type of children who were never spanked or slapped if they were rude hence they turn out like this. I do not blame the child, I blame the parents,” a netizen commented.

“I worked at a convenience store and I have encountered children like these. So noisy and always leave a mess at the store,” a netizen said.