Children climb onto neighbour’s car, sparks discussion on parental control

CHILDREN, especially when they are very young, want to explore the world around them, but they have not gotten a firm grip on what is right and wrong and ultimately, it is within the parents or guardians’ responsibility to lead them to the right path.

A young man was taken aback to find the neighbour’s young children atop his sister’s car. In his Twitter post, he said that he had sent the video of the children’s antics to his family group chat.

In the video, a little girl can be seen standing on top of a silver Proton Saga belonging to the young man’s sister, and as he drove closer to his sister’s car, the ill-disciplined children scurried away back to their home.

“This is why parental control is important. I do not know whose child was so clever to climb up my older sister’s car.

“So if we raised this issue, would we be condemned because we did not respect their child?” the young man, Faiz Aizat, said in his Twitter post.

In an update, Faiz said that his younger brother had raised his voice at the neighbour’s children to stop their antics.

“Yesterday, I yelled at them, and they immediately returned to their parents. Thank goodness I just yelled at them,” his younger brother said.

Wau Post approached Faiz and reported that his brother had met the parents of the chaotic children and spoke to them about the matter at hand.

“Their parents have apologised, and to us, that’s enough as the kids didn’t damage the car”, he explained.

Faiz also said that he is uncertain whether this has been going on for a while. He stated that this was his first time encountering this problem.

Netizens mainly criticised the parents for their carelessness in supervising their children.