Chinese boy speaks fluent Tamil with Indian neighbours

The young boy has a close relationship with his neighbours, referring to his neighbour’s mother as ‘Amma’.

WHILE living in a multicultural society helps in regards to learning multiple languages, it is also natural for children to learn different languages a lot easier especially with increased exposure.

A TikTok video depicted that example, showing a young Chinese boy’s fluency in the Tamil language.

In the video, the young Chinese boy nicknamed KaiKai was seen interacting with his Indian neighbours, naturally conversing in Tamil while making juice in the kitchen.

“I think it would be sweeter to combine grape and apple,” KaiKai said in Tamil to his neighbour, Kartik.

It was also seen that KaiKai has a close relationship with his neighbours, after he was heard referring to Kartik’s mother as “Amma”.

Later on in the video, Kartik and KaiKai still talked and joked around in fluent Tamil while making fruit juice.

Netizens were delighted by the interaction between the Chinese boy and his Indian neighbour, also commenting that it is “rare” to find a Chinese boy speaking in fluent Tamil.

While it is remarkable that KaiKai can easily converse in Tamil with his neighbours, it is also a testament of the Malaysian experience of assimilation with other cultures.