Chinese children’s book galore in KL

First ever exhibition to feature 164 lively and imaginative titles from 24 publishers in China

PETALING JAYA: The first ever Chinese Children’s Picture Book Exhibition in Malaysia on Nov 18 and 19 at Wisma CL, Bukit Damansara in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 18 and 19. The exhibition opens from 10am to 4pm.

Organised by the Malaysian Public Library Research and Development Centre, the exhibition will feature 164 lively and imaginative picture books from 24 publishers in China for readers aged four to 12.

Event organiser Wong Tuck Cheong said the exhibition is an initiative of the Confucius Institute at SEGi University as part of its mission to promote Chinese culture, language and literature in Malaysia.

“Organising an exhibition that is devoted to the children’s book genre is unique and the first of its kind in Malaysia,” he said yesterday.

“There is an increasing demand of Chinese children’s books in the global market. Many countries and regions are eager to learn about Chinese stories and culture.

“However, these books are not generally well known or easily available locally. We aim to introduce these children’s books from China to Malaysians who are not familiar with them.”

Wong said the children’s books, which feature interesting plots from Chinese perspective and ingenious character designs, are award-winning books.

“These books have been recognised by the Hans Christian Andersen Award, Feng Zikai Award and Xinyi Awards,” he added.

The award-winning books have made appearances in major book fests around the world such as in Frankfurt in Germany and Bologna in Italy.

“Among these award-winning titles are Daisy Doll by Cao Wenxuan and illustrated by Zhao Lei, Ding Bean is Going Home, written and illustrated by Huang Lili, and Dancing Cranes written by Bao Dongni and illustrated by Xia Jinghan.

“These fan favourite books can improve the readers’ standard of knowledge, literacy and culture,” Wong said.

He said the children’s book industry is booming in China, which led to many high-quality books being published.

“The book publishing industry is facing fierce competition among publishers who are competing for sales and awards, thus raising the quality of the books. Famous children’s book publishers in China will be featured during the event.

“Among the featured publishers are People’s Education Press (PEP), Children’s Publishing House, and Tomorrow Publishing House,” Wong said.

Aside from its main exhibition of children’s books, there will be storytelling sessions and calligraphy classes.

“Through these activities, we intend to attract parents, teachers and children to visit the exhibition,” he said.

Wong also said the exhibition represents the highest level of children’s picture book production in China.