Crowd belts out national anthem during American’s arrest for assaulting elderly restaurant owner

A VIDEO of an American man assaulting an elderly man in Petaling Street has been circulating on social media.

The video uploaded on Twitter by @haiqalamn showed the American beating up the old man in the presence of the police.

Earlier in the video, the older man was explaining to the police what had happened while American national was seated slightly further from him.

@haiqalamn explained in his post that the American man had consumed 10 bottles in a restaurant of drinks but had no means of payment and then he and the elderly man, who is the owner of the restaurant, got into an altercation.

“The American man pulled the first punch then the owner fought back. Both were fighting non-stop. The police arrived later to break them up,” he said in his post.

While the American was violently having a go at him, police thankfully managed to tear him off the elderly man who sustained injuries from the punches.

Fortunately, another Twitter user in under @haiqalamn’s post said that a KPJ nurse was present during the brawl and helped him with his wounds.

“The old man’s eyebrow was busted. Thankfully a KPJ nurse was on the scene and immediately gave him first aid,” she said in the comments section.

Meanwhile, the American was taken into custody by the police, according to another video posted by TikTok user @sp4rkz86.

While dragged away by the police, he shouted: “I’m American!” and the crowd around him applauded his arrest and in retaliation to his statement, they began singing the national anthem.