Customer recording movie gets caught by employee, posts movie clips on TikTok

NOT ONLY it is unethical to record a movie in the cinema but it is also against the law and if one is caught doing so, they can land themselves in an unnecessary legal mess.

A cinema employee had to advise a movie goer to not record the film in the cinema however instead of the customer complying, she asked him back why she could not record and he said: “My manager does not allow recordings in the cinema.”

The customer then asserted that she had paid to watch the movie. He stood his ground and told her that she still was not allowed to record.

He then asked her whether she had recorded a lot of the movie but she had not responded properly to his question and seemed agitated, as shown in the video uploaded by @4hmadsyaf1q92 on Twitter.

He then asked her whether he could check her phone but she refused to cooperate with his request.

“Why do you want to check my phone for?,” she asked.

“It is to make sure that you have deleted the footage from the movie,” the cinema staff responded.

The customer then said that she will delete the footage later but he then said that he will get his manager to settle the issue.

By then, the customer had already turned to the screen and was not looking at the employee. He said that this was just a routine procedure and she reiterated to him: “I said that I will delete the (videos). Didn’t you understand what I just said?”

Also in the video, it could be seen that she was recording for a TikTok video, according to sharp netizens.

In a TikTok video uploaded by the customer, she said that she watched a movie with her sister, which the sister had praised and mentioned that they will try to record short clips of the movie and upload it onto the account eventhough they were forbidden to do so as cinema customers.

As of now, the TikTok account has five videos of the movie’s clips uploaded.

Netizens had called for the customer to be punished for her actions by reporting her to the authorities.

“Just take her to court. You already have solid evidence,” a netizen suggested.

“Blacklist her from entering all cinemas,” a netizen said.

“Please prosecute her and publicise her actions so that it will be a lesson for all,” a netizen commented.

Another netizen also pointed out that the employee needed better training to deal with staff like this and to be well read with the law.