Daihatsu Gran Max just got better

DAIHATSU MALAYSIA has officially introduced the Gran Max Minor Change (MC) 2022. It will see new updates on its power windows, multimedia player system with reverse camera and a fast charging USB port.

It comes with power windows, for both driver and passenger.

Another addition is the infotainment and connectivity areas and the vehicle features a newly fitted multimedia player system with a reverse camera function, which greatly enhanced user experience.

Featuring high resolution (7) seven-inch touchscreen display with smooth touch control and loads of infotainment features to keep drivers entertained and informed while on the road.

Road safety is greatly improved with the upgrade of reverse camera, which enhances standard safety feature.

The reverse camera significantly reduces the likelihood of minor accidents or collision as well as eliminates blind spots while backing up.

Parking and reversing are made easier and stress-free especially in tight urban city spaces and manoeuvring in busy traffic areas.

This newly enhanced safety feature will also prevent injury and vehicle damage.

The Bluetooth function on board the Gran Max (MC)’s new multimedia player system interface now boasts Bluetooth 4.2, which makes mobile device pairing much easier and faster.

Enabled with driving mode for mobile phonebook syncing on calls and music playback, it allows drivers to manage contact lists and can accept or end calls, even while driving.

The new multimedia player system interface makes use of the latest technology of Android and iOS PhoneLink.

Supported by Android (2) two-way control and iOS (1) one-way control and connects via cable mirroring allows drivers to project smartphone displays onto the build-in screen of the infotainment system.

Display of GPS from mirroring and connected smartphone apps is also available, given that the use of GPS is highly beneficial for commercial vehicles, specifically in fleet management.

It helps delivery businesses and drivers in planning the most efficient and optimised route for daily deliveries.

The additional of a fast charging USB port is to ensure effective battery charging for a wide range of device profiles. A feature that would be greatly appreciated by logistics and transportation companies as it keeps most devices charged especially on long-haul trips.

With the addition of power window, multimedia player system with reverse camera and fast charging USB port as standard accessories fitted with the minor change, a Gran Max (MC) 2022 is now priced starting from only RM73,888 (NSP) effective June 2022 (terms and conditions apply).