Dalgona ‘danger’ for Heechul

SUPER JUNIOR’S Heechul is now concerned about his wellbeing after receiving a strange gift from his label, SM Entertainment.

The 38-year-old star was seen holding up a familiar sugar candy, with the shape of SM Entertainment’s logo pressed on the surface, on his Instagram. His caption read: “A dalgona game that SM gave me as a gift. At this difficulty level, they’re basically expecting me to leave the company, right? If I fail, I’m out of SM #SquidGame #GoodbyemygoodfriendSM.”

It certainly looked like his agency wanted to have some fun with Heechul, inspired by Netflix’s hit, Squid Game.

In the meantime, Heechul is set to appear in the upcoming South Korean variety series New World, which premieres on Netflix on Nov 20.