Dan Crenshaw slams Kamala Harris for evading immigration post: VP wants the ‘easy stuff’

The Los Angeles Times reported Vice President Kamala Harris is discouraged with her lack of an “all-star portfolio” and Rep. Dan Crenshaw translated on “Fox News Primetime” that she’d rather handle the “easy stuff” than face the worsening border crisis.

Crenshaw: It’s Kamala Harris we’re talking about here now. Now, first of all, I would say somebody should tell her what her approval ratings are. I’m sure they’re not much better. Let’s not forget she didn’t win more than 2% approval rating in the Democrat primary in the presidential election. So, you know, she should maybe have a little bit of self-awareness here before she starts talking about Biden. But you think about it through the lens of Kamala Harris and how she views the world. Look, she doesn’t want to do hard work. She wants to do the easy stuff. She wants reporters to follow her around and see what kind of fashion she’s into at any given moment. She wants to talk about space and do these sort of cringe-worthy moments on TV. She likes to do the fun stuff. 

She thought this VP job would be easy, and she’s frustrated that she would be assigned as the border czar because that’s actually a tough job. So, you know, I don’t think we should have any sympathy for Kamala Harris, needless to say, and I don’t think she can escape her role here. I mean, that’s a fantasy if she’s trying to live up to that. But you are seeing that among many Democrats who are hoping to distance themselves from the unpopularity of Biden. But you know, my message to them is, yeah, good luck with that.