DBP drafting mechanism to ensure RM20m allocation benefits publishers

KUALA LUMPUR: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) is devising the best mechanism to ensure the allocation to be given by the government through Budget 2023 will also benefit publishers to help the country showcase quality translated works.

The DBP, in a statement today, said among the issues to be focused on include the translation of original works and masterpieces in the Malay language into foreign languages and from foreign languages into the Malay language as well as the publication of masterpieces and selected publications.

“Works of writers which are highly impactful in the context of knowledge, philosophy and thought will be the focus in the translation and publication of works to develop the nation. The enrichment of these treasure troves of knowledge is also one of the main strategies in the effort to empower the Malay language nationally and internationally,” it said.

According to the DBP, the matter is in line with the objectives of the establishment of the DBP, which are stated under the DBP Act (revised 1978, amendment and extension 1995).

The objectives include printing or publishing or assisting in the printing or publication of books, magazines, pamphlets and other forms of literature in the national language and other languages.

To mobilise efforts as stated by the government, the DBP will hold talks with the Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books (ITBM) and Yayasan Karyawan soon to formulate a more focused direction for publishing and translation.

“The DBP will not work in silos and will always be open to listening to the views of various parties to ensure the best mechanism is used to take advantage of the RM20 million allocated by the government,” it added.

On Feb 24, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced that the government had allocated RM20 million to DBP, ITBM and Yasasan Karyawan to encourage translation and publishing activities. – Bernama