DELAYED ARTEMIS 1 LAUNCH – RECAP: NASA scraps lift-off after engine problem

DELAYED ARTEMIS 1 LAUNCH – RECAP: Technical issues force NASA to CALL OFF plans to fire Space Launch System to the moon

NASA has been forced to call off the planned launch of its unmanned Artemis I mission today.

The US space agency was hoping to launch the Space Launch System rocket and Orion capsule atop it on a six-week voyage to the moon and back.

However, multiple technical issues forced engineers to scrub the launch.

Launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson cancelled the planned launch of Artemis I as a result of an engine bleed issue, NASA said.

It tweeted: ‘The launch of #Artemis I is no longer happening today as teams work through an issue with an engine bleed.

‘Teams will continue to gather data, and we will keep you posted on the timing of the next launch attempt’. 

NASA’s back-up launch windows are on Friday (September 2) and September 5.

The Artemis I mission is a vital first step if the US space agency is to achieve its goal of landing humans on the lunar surface in three years’ time, possibly including the first woman and first person of colour.

Here was MailOnline’s live blog for updates on the delayed Artemis I launch on August 29, 2022: