Deliveroo apologises after noodles are splattered on doorstep after falling from ripped paper bag

Deliveroo apologises after customer’s noodles order is splattered across her doorstep after falling out of ripped paper bag

  • Customer Lauren Gray placed an order from Dr Noodles in Edinburgh 
  • When she arrived home after work she found the noodles spilt on her doorstep
  • Deliveroo apologised to Ms Gray and refunded her for the ruined meal

Deliveroo has apologised after a customer’s dinner fell out of a ripped paper bag and was left splattered across her doorstep.

Lauren Gray in Edinburgh ordered Dr Noodles on Sunday in time for her arrival home from work.

When she got to her door, the packaging was ripped and she was shocked to see the noodles spilt across her doorstep.

Lauren Gray found her order from Dr Noodles spilt over her doorstep in Edinburgh after she had placed an order on Deliveroo

Ms Gray complained to the food delivery service, claiming this is not the first time food has turned up in damaged packaging leaving it inedible.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Lauren said: ‘On this occasion, I ordered from Dr Noodles and the order arrived in 50 minutes which isn’t too bad as the restaurant is a 15-minute drive from me.

‘I popped to the shop that’s two to three minutes away in the car, and I noticed the driver was turning into my street (app tracking) so I messaged to say “please leave on my doorstep I’ve just popped out”.

The paper bag used to hold the food had ripped and Ms Gray says she saw the delivery driver leave

The paper bag used to hold the food had ripped and Ms Gray says she saw the delivery driver leave

‘As I was pulling up to my driveway, the delivery driver had just got back into his car and drove away. So the bag sat there for no more than 20-30 seconds.’

After Ms Gray reported the problem to Deliveroo, she was offered credit or a full refund and she added: ‘I asked for credit so I could order something else for dinner!’

The order originally cost £22.66 including service and delivery and the 10p cost of the paper bag.

Ms Gray was refunded £19.78 because the drink she had ordered was delivered intact.

Deliveroo apologised and have been approached by Edinburgh Live for comment.