Disappointed M’sian girlfriend rants about getting only a 5-figure bag for Valentine’s Day

She explained that her partner preferred spending quality time at home compared to going out.

IN a relationship, it’s all about give and take. More often than not, you learn to understand your partner’s needs and to tolerate them. But just how much should one put up with?

Recently, a Malaysian woman voiced her displeasure online regarding her partner’s preference to spend quality time at home. She ranted that the partner typically spends their date night weekends at home where they would watch movies.

“He occasionally surprises me with other things, which is nice, but can’t we just go on a date night once?” she complained.

She added that they even spent Valentine’s Day at home, but thankfully with a gift. And the gift was a wallet worth a whopping five figures.

While many women would be thrilled to get such an extravagant gift, the woman exclaimed, “I was so mad. All I got was a wallet while everyone else was enjoying a candlelight dinner with their partners! Having a boyfriend who enjoys staying in is a terrible thing!”

Despite her partner’s love of staying indoors during their date nights, many netizens believed she should have been thankful for what she has.

“I think your boyfriend is not bad, have you ever thought of giving him away to others?” and similar praise for her partner were tossed around in the comment section.

In fact, some people don’t even get to experience this, hence why many others told her to be more grateful in the comment section.

Let us know in the comments, do you think you could get along with someone whose favourite activity is to spend quality time together at home?