Dr Zaliha discusses healthcare reform with M’sian medical experts in UK

KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa has met with Malaysian medical experts currently serving in the United Kingdom (UK) to discuss about healthcare reform.

According to a statement from the Health Minister’s office today, a discussion and a forum planned over the weekend were in conjunction with her two-day working visit to the UK.

“Dr Zaliha is committed to implementing changes in the country’s healthcare system through discussions with Malaysian medical experts currently serving in the UK,“ said the statement.

She attended the special discussion programme: ‘Building A Resilient Healthcare System -The Future of Medical Research Collaboration between Malaysia and UK, it said, adding that it covered a variety of topics including the challenges faced by healthcare systems around the world as well as cross-border research collaboration issues.

“The bilateral discussion is important, considering that the health care systems in the UK and Malaysia have several similarities, including providing free health care services and both countries are currently striving to provide the best services despite the increase in costs and demographics.

“The input obtained from the discussion for about three hours was very useful considering that Malaysia is drafting a White Paper on Health,“ she said.

Also present during the discussion were the Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah and Cardiologist from Oxford University, Assoc Prof Dr Masliza Mahmod.

The discussion was the first programme organised in Oxford by the Oxford University Malaysia Club (OUMC) in collaboration with Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM), it said.

Dr Zaliha also attended a dinner with medical students and other members of the community in the UK organised by Education Malaysia London.

According to the statement, Dr Zaliha will attend a forum titled ‘UK-Malaysia Clinical Research Partnership: Making It Happen’ at Malaysia Hall, which will be moderated by Prof Eric Lim, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon from the Royal Brompton Hospital.

The forum held at 7 pm local time on Sunday will discuss the collaboration between UK and Malaysian clinical researchers to ensure quality research can be produced at their respective institutions. – Bernama