Drivers will soon be able to chat with their cars with ChatGPT

A voice-activated assistant that can respond to a wide range of questions will be soon available to drivers and their passengers in the cabin of some DS Automobiles vehicles thanks to ChatGPT, a renowned generative AI, according to ETX Daily Up.

ChatGPT’s capabilities have been honed through extensive data-driven learning, making it an ideal complement to the existing DS Iris System’s speech recognition features.

Drivers will be able to rely on ChatGPT to help them find nearby cultural attractions or entertain children with quizzes and themed stories. How handy!

How can one activate their ChatGPT in their vehicle?

According to ETX Daily Up, all one would need is to speak into the DS Iris System, using the command “OK IRIS,” or by pressing a dedicated button on the steering wheel.

ETX Daily Up added that this innovative feature will be tested by 20,000 volunteers who own DS 3, DS 4, DS 7, or DS 9 vehicles equipped with the DS Iris System.

The six-month test phase will be conducted at no additional cost and will be available to drivers in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy, with support for each country’s language.

It’s worth noting that DS is not the only car manufacturer exploring AI integration in vehicle interiors. Similar trials have been conducted by Mercedes with ChatGPT in the US, involving around 900,000 vehicles.

When will it be Malaysia’s turn?