Emma Heming gives update on Bruce Willis

IN LATE March last year, it was confirmed by Bruce Willis’ family that the actor will be retiring from acting due to being diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disorder that progressively affects a person’s ability to communicate.

“As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him,” the actor’s daughter Rumer wrote in an Instagram post.

Prior to the announcement, rumours of Willis’ declining cognitive state were already swirling in the film industry.

The announcement was followed by a Los Angeles Times report that claimed the action star was often confused on the set, couldn’t carry out simple stunts and had to have his lines fed to him through an earpiece, sparking concern from crewmembers. Meanwhile, Willis continued to act in films, making 21 direct-to-video films in just two years.

In the months since his retirement, Willis’ wife of 13 years, Emma Heming Willis has shared glimpses of their life as a couple. In a recent video posted on her Instagram Stories, Heming’s hand is seen being embraced by Willis’ hands.

She also opened up about her “grief“ last summer, noting it’s been “paralyzing but I’m learning how to live alongside it.”

The post followed a video of the couple’s two young daughters, Mabel and Evelyn, enjoying a night out with their mum at Harry Styles’ Harry House concert at The Kia Forum in Los Angeles.

Emma also posted a throwback photo of the couple enjoying a romantic stroll through the woods.

Emma has noted that despite struggles growing up, her husband has always treated her with the utmost love and consideration. Back in October, she noted that her husband has “always made me feel like the smartest person in the room when I felt otherwise,“ mentioning that she often felt “stupid” growing up while learning to “navigate” life with “some form of ADD and dyslexia.”

“I’ll never forget that and I just love him so much for that,“ she shared.