A NEW Korean drama called Hate To Love You was recently released on Netflix. Mi-ran (Kim Ok-bin), a young attorney who tries her best to not lose to a man, is the focus of the story.

Kang-ho (Teo Yoo) is a well-known actor who has a phoney reputation for benevolence and who is constantly dubious of women.

The story’s narrative centres on how the guy who always avoids women and the girl with a secret talent for martial arts get up in a contractual relationship by happenstance.

Hate to Love You successfully built up an enemies-to-lovers situation in this series. I was a bit concerned that the plot would not be compelling enough, because – as we all know – the scenario is a little overused in the Korean drama industry, but thankfully it was completely the opposite of what I had anticipated.

The lead characters are excellently written, and they all go through similar experiences after developing misgivings about the opposite gender.

As played by Ok-bin, Mi-ran is brave, attractive, and makes an effort to draw attention to the discrimination that exists between men and women in the entertainment world.

She did a fantastic job portraying Mi-ran’s confident side. She has a tenacity and a good energy about her that shines through. She has a yearning for equality and an honest control over herself.

Teo Yoo did justice to his role as well. His cool demeanour in this series is another reason why you shouldn’t miss it, in addition to the fact of his stunning looks.

Admittedly, the narrative is not very unique or unpredictable. Halfway through the series, it starts to drag a bit. The romance, though, makes up for all the terrible story aspects, and might make all the singles wish they were in a relationship

You’ll be shocked by the suspense, the kissing sequences, and the fleeting eye contact. And it was easy to watch because it is relatively laid back. The script’s unique humour also kept me watching till the very end.

The relationship between Kang-ho and his close buddy and manager Do Won-jun (played by Kim Ji-hoon) is also quite amusing to watch.

Won-jun’s interactions with Mi-ran’s closest friend Na-eun (played by Go Won-hee), also made them a strong romantic pair. I really liked their side story, and I think the pair has great chemistry. My heart would race every time I saw them on screen together.

Overall, if you enjoy rom-coms, you should add this one to your watch list. Although it might feel a little bland in the middle of the series, things pick up as the story loves along. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing the entire series in one sitting again.

Hate To Love You is now streaming on Netflix.

-> Cast: Kim Ok-bin, Teo-yoo, Kim Ji-hoon, Go Won-hee

-> Director: Kim Jung- Kwon