Family who ordered 600 plates of meat in Bintulu hotpot eatery caught packing meat in plastic bag

HOTPOT RESTAURANTS are great especially for large gatherings. Sometimes, these eateries offer good deals that are worth your money.

Sadly, there are customers who tend to take advantage of these promotions in the worst way possible, making said establishment incur losses.

A hotpot restaurant owner recently shared their encounter with some greedy customers who ordered 600 plates of meat slices only to discover later that they packed it away.

The eatery shared on the Facebook group Husky Group Bintulu, of the incident that took place on Oct 8 in Bintulu, Sarawak.

The owner said in their post that the family of five had ordered 250 plates of pork and 350 plates of lamb at their eatery.

According to the bill shared in the post, the grand total came up to only RM163.30, as the restaurant was having their “Happy Hour” promotion at the time.

The eatery’s staff and owner were rather hesitant at first to serve such a large amount to the family of five however, they complied by serving them five plates of meat each time they ordered.

However, the owner decided to check the eatery’s security camera footage to unfortunately discover the family’s intention of ordering such large quantities of meat, seeing them sneakily pack the meat in a plastic bag while one of them stood around their seat, keeping watch to avoid any trouble.

The owner also expressed their suspicion toward the family, claiming that such an act could have been planned beforehand, according to a report by China Press.

“I think that they have planned to do this beforehand. After all, many of my staff are on their lunch break at this time so there is not enough manpower to supervise customers.

“We also do not go out of our way to monitor the customers’ every move,” they said.

Not only that, one of the family members approached the owner to settle this matter.

“The person involved has come to me for mediation privately today and is willing to compensate me for my losses.

“However, I told them that it was not a matter of money. I am more worried about how their children are being educated hence why I never revealed their faces.

“For now, I am considering whether to report this incident to the police,” they added.