Father jokingly puts 12-year-old son for sale after discovering crack on brand new phone

ALMOST everyone understands the joy of purchasing a new phone. You get your phone a new casing, a screen protector and carefully ensure the phone doesn’t fall and get cracks on the shiny screen. But what happens when your child accidentally drops it and it cracks?

One father, upon discovering that his mischievous 12-year-old son had dropped his brand new iPhone 15 Pro Max decided to put his son ‘up for sale’ on Facebook.

“My son dropped my iPhone 15 pro max which I just bought last week and cracked the phone slightly. Still in working condition but decided to sell it off cheap. Below are the specs.. PM me if keen.”

Instead of the expected phone specifications, what was listed turned out to be a humorous description of his son.

“12 years old, Chinese, male, speaks English and Mandarin, price negotiable.”

This post amused thousands of netizens and has so far garnered 233K likes and 83K shares.

“Is he house-trained and does he come with a warranty? If he’s good, I’ll come back for another one,” joked one netizen.

Another netizen jokingly commented, “Pm please, can trade in with another four year old boy and seven years old girl. Thanks.”