Father sets new parenting goals by celebrating son’s impressive result in Dota 2 tournament

AFTER a year of varied performances, Nouns Esports has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first North American team to secure a Top-8 placement in The International 2023, a feat not seen since 2019.

Father of one of the team players, Rodrigo Santos better known as “Lelis”, was excited for his son’s success at the tournament.

The team’s X posted a touching video of Lelis’s father supporting his son and has garnered 16,700 views as of yesterday (Oct 25).

”It doesn’t matter what the next results are, we are already in the top-8,” he said.

“Take my energy Leslao (Lelis),” he further said.

The team will be competing against Gaimin Gladiators this upcoming Saturday (Oct 28).