FGV ready to spice up domestic fragrant rice market

PETALING JAYA: FGV Holdings Bhd (FGV) is poised to invigorate the country’s local fragrant rice market through its subsidiary FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd (FGVIF) as it plans to expand to 10,000ha of fragrant padi farming area in the next five years.

Through the implementation of FGVIF’s Fortified Field™ Fragrant Rice (3FR) programme, which optimises local fragrant rice padi farming through smart and effective agriculture practices and technologies, FGV group CEO Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor said, the group is targeting a 3.5% share of the local fragrant rice market by the end of 2025, under FGV’s household brand Saji.

“FGV is committed to increasing the Self-Sufficiency Level (SSL) of rice in Malaysia, and this is made possible through FGV’s 3FR programme which is in support of the Large-Scale Smart Paddy Field Programme (Smart SBB) initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry. Smart SBB is expected to help the country achieve 75% of the SSL of rice, as set in the 12th Malaysia Plan,” he said in a statement today.

“Our goal is for FGV’s Saji fragrant rice to be the choice of Malaysians and the world, in the future. With FGV’s internal capabilities, resources and application of various technologies, the local fragrant rice produced is of high quality and comparable to imported rice from Thailand,” added Mohd Nazrul.

The 3FR programme combines FGV’s expertise in enhanced field performance through Agriculture 4.0 and precision farming which is economical and sustainable. This includes mechanisation, utilising drones, use of Internet of Things technology in farming applications, field sensors, pest and disease control, and automated transplanting machines. All by-products from the fragrant padi farms and rice mills such as rice bran and rice husks are not wasted, and are used as components in FGV’s animal feed brand Alma.

“Our 3FR programme is fast becoming the preferred planting system among farmers. To assist in increasing their fragrant paddy yield, FGV provides continuous support and guidance, as well as standard operating procedures to inspect and monitor crops on a scheduled basis. We are also actively promoting the cultivation of MRQ76 fragrant padi seeds produced by the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute among our contract farmers,” explained Mohd Nazrul.

“Farmers who grow our fragrant rice will be able to significantly increase their income. A single fragrant padi crop offers a return of RM1,540 a tonne, compared to ordinary padi sold at RM1,200 a tonne,” he said.

Marketing efforts undertaken include strengthening consumer awareness through e-commerce platform Gogopasar, as well as collaborating with relevant food industry players. To further enhance consumer access to the local supply of fragrant rice, FGV has intensified the recruitment of sales agents throughout the country as well as increase the capacity of its marketing team.

Currently, FGV’s 3FR programme is implemented in 500ha of granary fields in the Integrated Agricultural Development Area (Iada) Barat Laut in Selangor, and 100ha in Iada Seberang Perak, Perak, together with 260 appointed local contract farmers.