Ford Patents Sun Visor That Doubles As Glass Breaker

IN a recent patent (number 11,780,302 BS) dated October 10, 2023, filed by Ford, a simple yet potentially life-saving innovation has been unveiled. The patent showcases a sun visor that can function as a glass breaker in emergency situations.

The design appears to be a standard sun visor found in most vehicles, mounted on a metal rod for easy flipping to block the sun. However, what sets this innovation apart is its dual functionality. The sun visor can be removed to reveal a pointed end, intended to be used as an impact point to shatter a window.

The removable rod from its roof mount serves as a compact tool, theoretically capable of breaking glass. While conventional glass-shattering tools are hammer-shaped or designed for a firm grip, this patent introduces a unique approach. It’s worth noting that the patent does not specify the size or grip strength of this built-in glass breaker.

The practicality and effectiveness of such a design remain to be seen. Concerns about accidental shattering of windows due to the visor’s proximity to windshields are addressed in the patent, emphasizing secure locking mechanisms.

While this concept is seemingly straightforward and potentially life-saving, whether it will translate into a production vehicle feature is uncertain, as many patents may not progress beyond this stage. Nonetheless, it stands as a simple and compelling idea that could make a significant difference in emergency situations.