Former national badminton player criticised for racist remarks blaming BAM’s drawbacks on Malays

A VIRAL VIDEO of a former reserve badminton player had circulated on social media for racist comments against the Malay community.

In a video by @AhboyBadminton on Twitter, he said that the former national player had stated how the management Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) had many shortcomings due to the Malays running it, which @AhboyBadminton condemned.

“You are now living in 2023 and you still have this foolish mindset. Racist,” he said in his post.

Meanwhile in the clip of the former player @AhboyBadminton inserted, the badminton athlete criticised BAM and their management, blaming it on the Malays, stating that they are ‘lazy’ and even touching on their religious practices.

“During the Malaysian Open, no Malaysians made it to the finals. Is it because of the players or BAM? The problem here is BAM.

“I think it is because of the Malays managing BAM. Do not give (BAM) to the Malays. Just hand it over to the Chinese and you can see it’s improvement.

“Malay people in my mindset, are lazy, only know how to eat due to praying five times a day. Do they intend on handling BAM well if that is the case?” the former shuttler said.

@AhboyBadminton denounced his comments and told the former player to use his brains before speaking.

“We live in Malaysia here together with many other races. You say these racist things and then post it on a Chinese social media platform where many Chinese nationals will be watching you tarnish the nation’s image.

“If you are so great, come back to Malaysia and become the coach or management. You are not qualified. You are over there coaching others and talking so much about our performance. So why don’t you come back and prove yourself instead of talking so much,” he added.

Many netizens under the post condemned the former national player’s words and tagged political figures especially the Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh.

In light of the viral video, Minister of Youth and Sports Hannah Yeoh has responded on Twitter that she vehemently disagrees with the former national player’s derogatory remarks and had checked together with the National Sports Council (MSN) and BAM on the athlete’s status.

“I have checked with the National Sports Council and the Badminton Association of Malaysia and they have confirmed that he is no longer a national athlete and was a former reserve trial player in 2014 currently not residing in Malaysia.

“I disagree with his remarks on social media and condemn any racist speech and religious conflict brought up eventhough he has apologised,” she said in her post.