French rescuers break walls to reach 391kg woman

PARIS: French emergency workers broke down walls to transport a 391kg American woman for medical treatment from her home in north-eastern France on Thursday, reported German news agency.

The woman, who has lived in Stenay, near the border with Belgium and Luxembourg, for about 20 years, had previously refused medical help, according to broadcaster France 3.

Preparation for the operation had taken months. An ambulance for heavy people borrowed from Belgium was used.

An operation of this kind, with such a high degree of complexity, had never taken place before in France, a local government official said.

Emergency workers demolished a wall on the first floor of the house and holes were chiselled in the ceiling.

The woman was then hoisted out through the ground floor window. In addition to specialised firefighters, doctors and nursing staff were also on duty. Some roads in the area were closed.- Bernama